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25 Mar

I found this today and had to share it with you all! Some dress inspiration from another designer/blogger!


party dress back view

I have been designing this dress in my head for quite some time. I design a lot of things in my head –in the shower, on the bus, when I’m meant to be doing something else and when I’m nodding off to sleep – it’s a busy old head!

Anyhows, an invitation to the gorgeous Rhonda’s 30th bitthday party was a great prompt to put some of these ideas into action. I met Rhonda’s mum, Tina many moons ago when we moved next door to her and she soon became more than a neighbour. More confidante, great friend and the most wonderful childminder to my son. So this party was really a family affair and I needed a dress.

party dress full skirt

I’ve got real issues with buying clothes from high street shops nowadays. I haven’t bought anything new (save underwear and shoes, of course!) in over a year and get much more…

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3 Jan

Welcome to my new blog! As many of you know, I’ve been in love with clothing, especially historical clothing, most of my life. Thanks to various 4-H sewing projects in my teenage years and a slew of fashion design courses taken since 2009, I’m finally developing the skills for some real sewing adventures!

When it comes to designing or even just shopping, I’m repeatedly drawn to designs that mimic or build upon fashion concepts from bygone eras. Keep reading this blog and you’ll see what I mean!