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The 1912 Project

4 Jan

As often happens to me, I was browsing online the other day and I fell down a rabbit hole. Surprisingly, this time, I stumbled across something lovely.

I was reading Threads magazine’s blog and I saw a post on there about the 1912 Project. I knew nothing about this project, but I quickly became excited as I read about it. See, April 2012 will be the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster. In remembrance of this date, the Vintage Pattern Lending Library is hosting an ambitious project. The VPLL will be working with a determined team of volunteers to reproduce about 150 garments from patterns included in the 1912 issues of the French fashion journal La Mode Illustr√©e. Thus, the 1912 Project! I’m excited to be involved with this endeavor and I look forward to sharing my trials and tribulations with you.