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Project Runway All Stars

17 Jan

Believe it or not I don’t have cable TV. But I finally got internet last fall. Thanks to that development and the lovely, Project Runway is back in my life, specifically Project Runway All Stars! PR generally puts me in a happy place, although I have to confess that I have been burnt out on the more recent seasons. So All Stars is perfect for me. I am looking forward to future episodes!

I’m loving the cast for the show, but 2 of my favorites ever are Austin and Kenley!  Talk about people who embrace a retro look in their personal style as well as their designs!


Dreaming of a 1950s dress

8 Jan

Last month, I mysteriously began fantasizing about sewing and wearing a 1950s style dress. The fitted bodice! The narrow waist! The full skirt! The 3/4 sleeves! The yards and yards and yards of fabric!

Wherever did this daydream come from?

Actually, it wasn’t really that mysterious considering the fact that White Christmas is my favorite holiday movie and that movie is chock-full of the post-WWII, “New Look” era silhouettes: fitted bodices and cinched waists paired with either a narrow pencil skirt or a full, flared skirt & petticoats. This silhouette differed significantly from the 1940s and generally is attributed to Christian Dior’s post-war fashion collection in 1947. Thank you, Mr. Dior!

What’s lovely about all this is that I discovered another vintage clothing lover/sewer’s blog: Edelweiss Patterns. She made a beautiful blue dress that closely matches the dress I was dreaming of. This Butterick Retro 5556 project is definitely going on the list of “To Do’s”! I envision making it in a hardier fabric than silk since I’d like to be able to wear it to work. The diagonal plaid fabric that Butterick used in the sample dress is really nice, but I can’t imagine matching all those lines across the seams…